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Follow Fingal's Cave for a fresh perspective on the music of Pink Floyd. Our contributors include Rosemary Breen (Syd Barrett's sister), leading researchers, musicians who have worked with the band, road crew, collectors, tapers and traders.

“An amazingly attractive, energetic, sparkly boy goes the wrong way in life and is lost.” 
Rosemary Breen, Syd Barrett’s sister, knew him better than anyone and has given a detailed interview to Ian Priston for the Fingal’s Cave podcast. Go to to subscribe and never miss an episode.

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Ep.7 - Ron Geesin on ATOM HEART MOTHER: „Does it mean anything, Mr. Geesin?' No, it's just me having fun!"

2023-09-21 64 min

In this episode, we are very pleased to be joined by composer and author Ron Geesin. Known to Pink Floyd fans for his collaboration on Atom Heart Mother and ...

Ep.6 - Ian Priston & Phil Salathé on Pink Floyd at the BBC: "These sessions tell the story of the band"

2023-08-31 51 min

Today we talk to Ian Priston and Phil Salathé about their work on the bestselling book "Pink Floyd BBC Radio 1967-1971". Phil explains how this collaboration...

Ep.5 - Chris Cockram "The 1977 Animals 'Veterans Tour' (Pt.1) – On the road with Pink Floyd"

2023-08-10 52 min

The 1977 Animals “Veterans Tour” – life on the road with Pink Floyd   We are delighted to introduce Chris Cockram in this episode of Fingals Cave. Chris wor...