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Ep.20 - The Legend of Mick the Hat

2024-07-07 138 min Ian Priston

On this, our 20th episode, we speak with a person who has chosen to go by the pseudonym of "Mick the Hat", and when you listen you'll certainly understand why. 
One of our favorite things to do on this podcast is to interview people who have knowledge that no one else in the world possesses, and who can shed light on some of the most legendary events in the history of Pink Floyd. Mick the Hat is one of those people. For anyone interested in the saga of Pink Floyd live recordings and vinyl bootlegs, you won't want to miss a minute of Mick the Hat's recollections, as elicited by podcast producer and interviewer Ian Priston. His tales of BPI busts gone wrong, of taping some of the most beloved shows in Pink Floyd history, and of dealing with some of the quirkiest characters out there, are one of a kind revelations that you won't hear anywhere else.

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