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“In the end it's all about Friendship!”

In this episode, we look back on 50 years of an intimate experience with Pink Floyd and its solo members. 

Ron Fleischer may not be known to everyone by name, but all dedicated Pink Floyd fans have at least one of his outputs, released under the name HARVESTED, at home. 

But in this episode we don't want to talk about the HARVESTED label, but rather take you on a journey through almost 50 Pink Floyd related concerts that began in Miami in 1977 and is still ongoing...

Ron tells us about these shows with many exciting anecdotes and above all gives us a story about friendship and passion that connects us Pink Floyd fans.

Ron Fleischer is not only an important part of the Pink Floyd community but has made many things accessible to the fans thanks to his projects, so this episode in which he tells his story, is a very special one for us.

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