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Ep.20 - The Legend of Mick the Hat

2024-07-07 138 min Ian Priston

On this, our 20th episode, we speak with a person who has chosen to go by the pseudonym of "Mick the Hat", and when you listen you'll certainly understand why.  One of our favorite things to do on this podcast is to interview people who have knowledge that no one else in the world possesses, and who can shed light on some of the most legendary events in the history of Pink Floyd. Mick the Hat is one of those people. For anyone interested in the saga of Pink Floyd live recordings and vinyl bootlegs, you won't want to miss a minute of Mick the Hat's recollections, as elicited by podcast producer and interviewer Ian Priston. His tales of BPI busts gone wrong, of taping some of the most beloved shows in Pink Floyd history, and of dealing with some of the quirkiest characters out there, are one of a kind revelations that you won't hear anywhere else.
Ep.19 - Andy Jackson, composer, musician and audio engineer

2024-06-20 57 min Nils Zehnpfennig / Phil Salathé

Ep.18 - Vinyl memories, concert experiences and long-term friendships: Ron Fleischer’s 45 year Pink Floyd musical journey

2024-05-30 100 min

“In the end it's all about Friendship!” In this episode, we look back on 50 years of an intimate experience with Pink Floyd and its solo members.  Ron Fleischer may not be known to everyone by name, but all dedicated Pink Floyd fans have at least one of his outputs, released under the name HARVESTED, at home.  But in this episode we don't want to talk about the HARVESTED label, but rather take you on a journey through almost 50 Pink Floyd related concerts that began in Miami in 1977 and is still ongoing... Ron tells us about these shows with many exciting anecdotes and above all gives us a story about friendship and passion that connects us Pink Floyd fans. Ron Fleischer is not only an important part of the Pink Floyd community but has made many things accessible to the fans thanks to his projects, so this episode in which he tells his story, is a very special one for us.
Ep.17 - Reflections on Roger Waters: The Solo Years (1984-1992)

2024-05-07 144 min Nils Zehnpfennig

In this episode, we wanted to open up discussion on the solo career of Roger Waters, starting in 1984. Waters’ albums and stage productions depict some of the most interesting, powerful, and sometimes confusing concepts in music. So, to help us out, we invited two Roger Waters enthusiasts to delve deeper into this era of his career. We discuss our thoughts on each of Roger’s solo works from this period, as well as 1983’s The Final Cut. We also give insights into his groundbreaking stage productions from this era, talk about Magic BILLY and Radio KAOS, the reality of finding sound in a sea of faces and dust at The Wall in Berlin 1990, as well as answer the age old question: “What are The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking?”
Ep.16 - Pink Floyd, the later years (1987-1994)

2024-04-15 74 min Nils Zehnpfennig

In this episode we want to tackle a topic that is often fraud with emotions and talk about the Pink Floyd period after Roger Waters left the band often called “The Later Years”. To help me out we invited two Pink Floyd specialists to delve deeper into this era. We discuss exciting topics like the pros and cons of the album “A Momentary Lapse of Reason”, the world tour 1987-1989 and why Echoes was only played in the first 12 shows. We talk about the musicians on stage, irritating lyrics and why we think that the 1994 world tour is unfortunately just a boring version of the 1987 tour. Finally, we discuss the remix version of AMLOR and what we like about this release.
Ep.15 – Rob Chapman on the early Pink Floyd and his Syd Barrett and Nick Drake dreamland

2024-03-21 81 min Ian Priston / Phil Salathé

Drawing on his exceptional knowledge of both artists, Rob Chapman serves up a palatable Syd Barrett and Nick Drake broth, replete with historical and cultural references. For followers of the Fingal’s Cave Podcast, Rob is perhaps best known for his two groundbreaking books about Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett, An Irregular Head, published in 2010 and The Lyrics of Syd Barrett, published in 2021. Rob’s latest novel is Unsung: Unsaid, an exploration of the creativity of Syd Barrett and Nick Drake through the medium of speculative fiction. Encouraged by hosts Ian Priston and Phil Salathé, Rob explains his inspirations, why he chose to trap Syd and Nick at the same Kensington Market café table, and his approach to characterisation and structure. Rob reflects on his early memories of Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett in the 1960s and his two solo albums. Guiding us on various tangents, Rob also explains why his love of Pink Floyd extends to 1971 and describes working with David Gilmour. If you haven’t encountered Spike Hawkins’ Instant Poetry Broth, you will undoubtedly wish to search for details after hearing Rob’s explanation.
Ep.14 - Pink Floyd live recordings, The Year 1967

2024-02-27 57 min Ian Priston / Phil Salathé / Nils Zehnpfennig

Pink Floyd's 1967 concerts were raw, fast and unpredictable musical experiences.  Many concert setlists are incomplete or missing. The best-surviving evidence exists in snippets of film, two BBC radio sessions, photographs and three audience recordings captured between September and November 1967.   In this episode, we reflect on this essential cluster of amateur recordings: who taped them and how, what to listen for, the degree to which they reflect Syd's withdrawal, what's missing and the possibilities for the existing tapes and new discoveries.  Seek out • September 10th at Gyllene Cirkeln, Stockholm, Sweden  • September 13th at Starclub, Copenhagen, Denmark, and • November 13th at Hippy Happy Fair, De Oude-Ahoy Hallen, Ahoy Heliport, Rotterdam, The Netherlands  And join us for a Reaction in G.
Ep.13 - Harry Waters on Animals, Coachella, Nintendo and much more

2024-01-31 49 min Nils Zehnpfennig / Phil Salathé

We start the new year with another wonderful guest, who is a musician, composer and one of the most versatile artists we had on the show so far. He has been a crucial part on every single Roger Waters tour between 2002 and 2016 and if his last name is familiar, that’s because he is also the son of Roger Waters. We talk enthusiastically about music in general, playing to click tracks, his last shows with Roger Waters at Coachella 2016, his excitement about Chick Corea and his programming work for a Nintendo game. Harry played many show with LES  CLAYPOOL and reveals how much he loves the Album ANIMALS. We very much respected his wish not to ask him any personal questions about his father so expect a in depth talk about music.
Ep.12 - X-Mas Special: Phil Salathé on Pink Floyd's creative process: "They knew their limitations..."

2023-12-25 51 min Nils Zehnpfennig / Phil Salathé

In this X-Mas Special we welcome back Phil Salathé to dive into an analysis of Pink Floyd's music. Phil is a professor and teaches music theory and composition at a state university in northern New York, is a musician and composer himself and is therefore the perfect conversation partner to analyze the music and musical development of Pink Floyd over the years and to examine the band's structures from a creative perspective. Since Phil is working on a new book, we also have the pleasure of getting a first insights at the book's topics. Look forward to a great conversation with Phil Salathé and learn what he thinks makes Pink Floyd so special!
Ep.11 - Charles Beterams on the Dutch Pink Floyd scene: "It all started with 'SHINE ON...'

2023-12-16 67 min Ian Priston

Charles Beterams is not only an icon of the Dutch Pink Floyd fan scene but also an author, publisher, and operator of the world's largest web shop for Pink Floyd related items and memorabilia. Ian met Charles in London and they spoke for over an hour about his love of the band, experiences as a fanzine editor, books and publishing work. Few people in Europe know more about Pink Floyd than Charles, and hardly anyone has attended more concerts or can demonstrate their passion for the band with such sincerity. Enjoy over 60 minutes of in-depth commentary from two Pink Floyd researchers and experts!
Ep. 10 - Col Turner on 'A Fleeting Glimpse', UFO and the dangers of asking Roger Waters to smile

2023-11-24 64 min Nils Zehnpfennig / Ian Priston

Col Turner is an influential and significant figure amongst Pink Floyd fans across the globe who has been following Pink Floyd since 1966. We discuss Col's UFO Club experiences and the London scene. Col emigrated after the Hyde Park 1970 concert and reconnected to the band in Australia in 1971 and 1988.  Perhaps best known for 'A Fleeting Glimpse' (, Col's website was created 25 years ago and features countless stories, interviews and fascinating Pink Floyd insights. Col has met Roger Waters on four occasions and, as you will hear, it hasn't always gone smoothly. Join us to hear Col, Nils and Ian enjoy a warmhearted conversation and stories from this superfan's 57 year Pink Floyd journey. Facebook ' A Fleeting Glimpse':
Ep.9 - Rosemary Breen on her Brother Syd Barrett: „He never sought celebrity“

2023-11-03 69 min Ian Priston

Syd Barrett: “An amazingly attractive, energetic, sparkly boy goes the wrong way in life and is lost” Rosemary Breen knew her brother Syd Barrett better than anyone. They were inseparable as children, and in later years, Rosemary cared for Syd between the early 1980s and his untimely death in 2006. A "bright cookie" and kind, Syd had an unusual brain, and Rosemary became the single individual he could cope with. Rosemary spoke to Ian Priston on 16 September 2023 to get things on record and encourage youngsters who look up to Syd to carefully think about why and how things happened to him.  Rosemary eloquently sums up how Syd wanted to play with the other members of Pink Floyd and with sound. He neither sought celebrity nor understood it. When being in the band ceased to be fun, Syd left. Syd Barrett expressed his true self through his art. After he returned to Cambridge, Syd produced some memorable artworks when he was in a good frame of mind. He had many ideas and would paint enormous canvases, and there was often one in progress when Rosemary visited. The two used to go on days out. On one occasion, Rosemary and Syd were in central Cambridge, and Syd stopped and feared crossing a road because he felt compelled to get a painting out of his head and onto a canvas. For Syd, art was about much more than simply being creative; according to Rosemary, the process fulfilled a need and was vital. The interview covers some serious topics, but there is also humour. For example, Rosemary explains how Syd was “Mr. DIY”. Talking about Syd Barrett’s lyrics, Rosemary says, "They...
Ep.8 - David Fidler "The 1977 Animals 'Veterans Tour' (Pt.2) – On the road with Pink Floyd"

2023-10-12 48 min Nils Zehnpfennig

It's episode number 8, and we return to the 1977 Animals Tour with our guest David Fidler. David was a good friend of Chris Cockram, whom we had the privilege of interviewing for episode 5. It's David's first-ever interview about his sound engineering work with Pink Floyd. David was primarily responsible for Pink Floyd's quad system, and his memories provide invaluable insights into the challenges Pink Floyd's crew faced as they supported 56 dates in Europe and North America. Unedited Video here:
Teaser - Ep.9 - Rosemary Breen on her Brother Roger 'Syd' Barrett (Release: November 3, 2023)

2023-09-26 1 min Ian Priston

“An amazingly attractive, energetic, sparkly boy goes the wrong way in life and is lost.”  Rosemary Breen, Syd Barrett’s sister, knew him better than anyone and has given a detailed interview to Ian Priston for the Fingal’s Cave podcast. Go to to subscribe and never miss an episode.
Ep.7 - Ron Geesin on ATOM HEART MOTHER: „Does it mean anything, Mr. Geesin?' No, it's just me having fun!"

2023-09-21 64 min Nils Zehnpfennig / Phil Salathé

In this episode, we are very pleased to be joined by composer and author Ron Geesin. Known to Pink Floyd fans for his collaboration on Atom Heart Mother and Music from the Body, Ron has an extensive discography, a massive collection of adjustable spanners, and nearly eight decades' worth of stories, aphorisms, insights, and witticisms. In a wide-ranging conversation with Phil Salathé and Nils Zehnpfennig, Ron discusses the past and future of Atom Heart Mother, his work for film and television, and the role of the subconscious and humor in art. Along the way Ron speaks of his love for Coleman Hawkins and Edgard Varèse, and recounts how "unintentional brinksmanship" had him facing the wrath of two thousand Scots. Please find the unedited video here:
Ep.6 - Ian Priston & Phil Salathé on Pink Floyd at the BBC: "These sessions tell the story of the band"

2023-08-31 51 min

Today we talk to Ian Priston and Phil Salathé about their work on the bestselling book "Pink Floyd BBC Radio 1967-1971". Phil explains how this collaboration came about and Ian talks about surprising finds in the BBC archives and the immense help from the fan community. Book:
Ep.5 - Chris Cockram "The 1977 Animals 'Veterans Tour' (Pt.1) – On the road with Pink Floyd"

2023-08-10 52 min Nils Zehnpfennig / Ian Priston

The 1977 Animals “Veterans Tour” – life on the road with Pink Floyd   We are delighted to introduce Chris Cockram in this episode of Fingals Cave. Chris worked as a tour technician and tour manager for super bands such as U2, Queen, Rolling Stones, Elton John, and Pink Floyd in 1977.   Chris tells some great new stories about working closely with David Gilmour and Nick Mason and gives a vivid sense of what became infamously known amongst the roadies as the “Veterans Tour”. We discuss increasing tension in the band, Roger and David’s audio recordings, technical problems that almost led to catastrophic consequences, and the famous Montreal 1977 spitting incident. Chris is additionally the author of the fascinating book, ‘We Skipped the Lite Fandango’.   Info: we had technical difficulties with our guest’s audio channel and have tried our best to remove most artifacts. Book Link: Please find the unedited video here:
Ep.4 - John Edginton "Syd Barrett was a genius with a great songwriting ability"

2023-07-20 72 min Nils Zehnpfennig

In this episode, Nils Zehnpfennig meets the highly respected documentary filmmaker and producer John Edginton, who has an excellent reputation among Pink Floyd fans for his two documentaries "The Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story" and "The Story of Wish you Were Here". We talk about the motivation to produce a documentary about Syd Barrett and discuss John's band member interviews in detail. John explains how he encountered Syd Barrett’s former landlord who had a surprise waiting for him.  Finally, we talk about John's enormously successful YouTube channel and the treasures in his archive that will be released in the near future. A full length version of this interview can also be found  on John's YouTube Channel:  Please find the unedited video version here:
Ep.3 - Derek T. "I became a bit fanatical”

2023-06-24 77 min Ian Priston

In this episode, we talk to Pink Floyd recording pioneer Derek T. Derek, whose love of the band began when he listened to the live sides of Ummagumma in 1969, was present at many significant Pink Floyd gigs in their heyday.  He shares his concert memories with our host, Ian Priston, and explains the 1970s vinyl bootleg industry and attempts to stamp it out. Derek took over a tiny record shop in Marlborough Court, just off Carnaby Street, London, in 1973, where he would encounter various classic titles such as The Best of Tour ’72.  At one point you’ll hear Derek talking about an Elvis impersonator at the Crystal Palace concert on 15 May 1971, and this did indeed happen. Derek also acknowledges the loss of his good friend, Syd Barrett specialist Bernard White, in tragic circumstances.   Later he talks about his experience of Knebworth ’75 and going to the 1977 Wembley concerts. The enigmatic Jesus Jellett is mentioned and Derek explains racing driver James Hunt’s connection to The Wall shows.  Derek then moves on to his key Pink Floyd archival achievement, filming excerpts of multiple The Wall concerts in England and Germany in 1980 and 1981 from different vantage points on a Super 8 camera. Derek subsequently edited his footage highlights together to form a complete concert production. We would like to thank  Vincenzo Gatti for his work on mastering the sound.
Ep.2 - Lee Harris, "Roger was standing in the back watching it with a big smile on his face"

2023-05-30 58 min Nils Zehnpfennig

In this episode, Nils Zehnpfennig meets Lee Harris, co-founder and guitarist with supergroup, Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets. Lee recalls being a fan of Pink Floyd from an early age, trips to Kensington and Camden markets in London to buy bootlegs and his memories of Floyd Xmas Mix '93. Other highlights of the hour include, the story of how the Saucers were formed, Roger Waters' performance in New York when he joined the band for Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, and Lee's experience of the famous concert in Luxembourg 2018. Please find the unedited video version here: Big thanks to Russell Castley-Adams for the great Artwork! Shows: Luxembourg 2018 New York 2019 (with Roger Waters) Lee Harris: Instagram Facebook
Ep.1 - Pink Floyd Live, "Once you are hooked there is no way back"

2023-05-04 46 min Nils Zehnpfennig / Ian Priston

In this first episode Nils Zehnpfennig and Ian Priston talk in general about researching live Pink Floyd recordings and how breakthroughs can be made. They also discuss how tensions in the band in the 1970s not only caused damage, but were also important for the creative process, helping Pink Floyd produce some of their best work. Nils: "We decided not to rehearse the episode to keep it as authentic as possible and recorded it in a single take in a hotel room. It is unedited and we didn’t have any notes to refer to, so it is a bit rough around the edges and there are some minor errors. Ian Priston wishes, for example, that he referred to Phil Salathé and not just Phil, and notes that he has been researching Pink Floyd for 35 years in total and 25 years in earnest, with the commencement of research for his first book, which he co-wrote with Nick Hodges. We originally planned to release a video of the Podcast. For various reasons, however, we have decided to only provide audio. Please excuse the few references to the video."