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Data protection

Data collection and data processing

With your access to this website, possible identification data and other information are stored on our server for data security purposes. There is no other evaluation of the data, with the exception of purely internal statistical purposes.

The following data is stored in the log file of our server:

·         IP address
·         used browser
·         operating system used
·         Refer

It should be noted that all of this data is generated automatically as part of a normal website call - just like any other website on the Internet. The standard functions of every web server software or forum software also provide for the automatic storage of this data.

Data transmission
Your personal data will only be transmitted to state institutions and authorities in cases required by law or for criminal prosecution due to attacks on our network infrastructure. A transfer to third parties for other purposes does not take place. If we pass on statistical data about website use to third parties, these are always total figures that do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about individual users.

Data erasure
The data we collect is automatically deleted as soon as its purpose (data security) has been fulfilled. The data collected by the forum will be deleted in such a way that we have the data from the last six months at most. The data collected by the web servers is deleted in such a way that we have the data from the last three months at most. Our internal statistical evaluations are not deleted, but it is no longer possible to draw conclusions about individual users from them.