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Ep. 10 - Col Turner on 'A Fleeting Glimpse', UFO and the dangers of asking Roger Waters to smile

2023-11-24 64 min Nils Zehnpfennig / Ian Priston

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Description & Show Notes

Col Turner is an influential and significant figure amongst Pink Floyd fans across the globe who has been following Pink Floyd since 1966.

We discuss Col's UFO Club experiences and the London scene. Col emigrated after the Hyde Park 1970 concert and reconnected to the band in Australia in 1971 and 1988. 

Perhaps best known for 'A Fleeting Glimpse' (, Col's website was created 25 years ago and features countless stories, interviews and fascinating Pink Floyd insights.

Col has met Roger Waters on four occasions and, as you will hear, it hasn't always gone smoothly.

Join us to hear Col, Nils and Ian enjoy a warmhearted conversation and stories from this superfan's 57 year Pink Floyd journey.

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