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Ep.14 - Pink Floyd live recordings, The Year 1967

2024-02-27 57 min Ian Priston / Phil Salathé / Nils Zehnpfennig

Description & Show Notes

Pink Floyd's 1967 concerts were raw, fast and unpredictable musical experiences. 

Many concert setlists are incomplete or missing. The best-surviving evidence exists in snippets of film, two BBC radio sessions, photographs and three audience recordings captured between September and November 1967.  

In this episode, we reflect on this essential cluster of amateur recordings: who taped them and how, what to listen for, the degree to which they reflect Syd's withdrawal, what's missing and the possibilities for the existing tapes and new discoveries. 

Seek out
• September 10th at Gyllene Cirkeln, Stockholm, Sweden 
• September 13th at Starclub, Copenhagen, Denmark, and
• November 13th at Hippy Happy Fair, De Oude-Ahoy Hallen, Ahoy Heliport, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 

And join us for a Reaction in G.