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Ep.3 - Derek T. "I became a bit fanatical”

2023-06-24 77 min Ian Priston

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Description & Show Notes

In this episode, we talk to Pink Floyd recording pioneer Derek T.

Derek, whose love of the band began when he listened to the live sides of Ummagumma in 1969, was present at many significant Pink Floyd gigs in their heyday. 
He shares his concert memories with our host, Ian Priston, and explains the 1970s vinyl bootleg industry and attempts to stamp it out. Derek took over a tiny record shop in Marlborough Court, just off Carnaby Street, London, in 1973, where he would encounter various classic titles such as The Best of Tour ’72
At one point you’ll hear Derek talking about an Elvis impersonator at the Crystal Palace concert on 15 May 1971, and this did indeed happen. Derek also acknowledges the loss of his good friend, Syd Barrett specialist Bernard White, in tragic circumstances. 
Later he talks about his experience of Knebworth ’75 and going to the 1977 Wembley concerts. The enigmatic Jesus Jellett is mentioned and Derek explains racing driver James Hunt’s connection to The Wall shows. 
Derek then moves on to his key Pink Floyd archival achievement, filming excerpts of multiple The Wall concerts in England and Germany in 1980 and 1981 from different vantage points on a Super 8 camera. Derek subsequently edited his footage highlights together to form a complete concert production.
We would like to thank  Vincenzo Gatti for his work on mastering the sound.