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Ep.4 - John Edginton "Syd Barrett was a genius with a great songwriting ability"

2023-07-20 72 min Nils Zehnpfennig

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Description & Show Notes

In this episode, Nils Zehnpfennig meets the highly respected documentary filmmaker and producer John Edginton, who has an excellent reputation among Pink Floyd fans for his two documentaries "The Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story" and "The Story of Wish you Were Here". We talk about the motivation to produce a documentary about Syd Barrett and discuss John's band member interviews in detail.

John explains how he encountered Syd Barrett’s former landlord who had a surprise waiting for him. 

Finally, we talk about John's enormously successful YouTube channel and the treasures in his archive that will be released in the near future.

A full length version of this interview can also be found  on John's YouTube Channel: 

Please find the unedited video version here: