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Ep.5 - Chris Cockram "The 1977 Animals 'Veterans Tour' (Pt.1) – On the road with Pink Floyd"

2023-08-10 52 min Nils Zehnpfennig / Ian Priston

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The 1977 Animals “Veterans Tour” – life on the road with Pink Floyd
We are delighted to introduce Chris Cockram in this episode of Fingals Cave.
Chris worked as a tour technician and tour manager for super bands such as U2, Queen, Rolling Stones, Elton John, and Pink Floyd in 1977.
Chris tells some great new stories about working closely with David Gilmour and Nick Mason and gives a vivid sense of what became infamously known amongst the roadies as the “Veterans Tour”.

We discuss increasing tension in the band, Roger and David’s audio recordings, technical problems that almost led to catastrophic consequences, and the famous Montreal 1977 spitting incident. Chris is additionally the author of the fascinating book, ‘We Skipped the Lite Fandango’.
Info: we had technical difficulties with our guest’s audio channel and have tried our best to remove most artifacts.

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